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Freelance digital marketing services

All of the digital marketing services I offer can be tailored to suit your business needs but the core of our expertise is insight gathering, website optimisation, and measurement. Our approach is to keep things simple and deliver results so I focus on simply understanding problems, creating the solution, and measuring the impact of the work I do for you.

So whether you need to grow your visibility in Google through SEO, increase your leads or optimise the conversion on your site, I can help. 


Insights can come from anywhere so I'll explore all avenues to find insights that will improve your users experience. That might mean looking at the latest UX techniques, talking to your customers, reviewing data or even just talking to you in more detail to get to the heart of what your business offers. 

It's not magic or bullshit it's just using common sense and experience to set some clear direction.

Audience analysis

At the simplest level I will carry out analysis to build a lightweight picture of the audience to help us make decisions based on what they want and need rather than what I think will work. I can build on this information over time to inform decisions at a more strategic level.



Optimisation is simply about increasing your leads by optimising your site for search engines and converting those leads by optimising your key user journeys through UX design techniques.


I'll start by making sure you've got all the basics covered with some quick wins and build in sophistication over time as your business grows. 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should not only be about increasing organic traffic but about attracting the right type of traffic. Through a combination of technical optimisation, on-page optimisation and content marketing I'll create a site that's optimised for users and search engines. 

SEO is our bread and butter.



All of the work I do means nothing if we can't prove the value it's added to your business. But in a data obsessed world it's easy to get lost down the rabbit hole.


I can create easy-to-understand dashboards, simple reports or detailed KPIs and attribution models.

Our strength is in not just mining the data but translating it into something meaningful and reliable based on what's important to you.

Google analytics & attribution

I'll ensure the correct codes and events are in place to track the success of your campaigns. 
Google Analytics is my happy place and I'm Google certified but can operate with expertise in many analytics tools including Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

I can also offer training to help grow your teams knowledge in this area.

I also offer training and consultancy in any of the services above.

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of my services, or have a problem with your site you're not sure how to solve then get in touch and lets have a chat.

I'm based in Greater Manchester but available for work across the UK.

116 Bramhall Lane,




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